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I believe that our gorgeous, sensitive, creative, aware children are here to teach us many things.

They are asking us to question the world around us and find a new way to help them grow because the old paradigm no longer works. I also believe that children are not merely born to become an extension of their parents but that they are unique individuals with their own distinct path, creating their own identities as they grow. Their purpose is not only to evolve as an expression of their own unique human self but also to help us, as parents, to Awaken.

All around us,

we see more and more children finding life on earth incredibly difficult to navigate and they are becoming frustrated that it feels so hard. Our role as parents, is not only to safeguard and care for our children when things are going well but also to help them find solutions that enable them make sense of what they are feeling. With the family working together it’s much easier to deal with day-to-day struggles and enjoy a home environment that allows them to feel safe as they build their resilience and sense of self.

As parents,

I believe our greatest gift to our children is, not only to be open to a fresh awareness of ‘self’ but also the need for a new approach to how we raise our children. A deeper, more attuned, compassionate and honest connection awaits those parents who are ready to take that next step. I understand just how tough parenting feels. I know that we don’t have all the answers and it’s hard to ask for help. That’s why my ethos here at Mindful Monkeys is to support adults to help the children in their care and see their current situation through a new lens.

My Background

Supporting adults to help the children in their care 

All my programmes and coaching are based on my own lived experience backed-up by the latest attachment theory, positive psychology and neuroscience research. 

My sole purpose in creating these programmes is to help both parents and children find practical, everyday solutions that move away from how things have ‘always been’ and reflect the world we live in now. I help families get to the heart of the matter, strengthen their love, find new ways to communicate, work through conflict and deal with big overwhelming emotions regardless of their starting point. I believe that families can grow stronger by working on these things together and that, even when times are tough, they can create healthy relationships that allow everyone to flourish.

"Zak was really struggling to cope with his dyslexia at school and other situations so he was becoming anxious, angry and stressed. Lesley was amazing at understanding Zak, who he was, why he was acting this way and worked through strategies with Zak to help him cope. He is now able to understand himself better, recognise situations and use tools in a positive way and learned that he can achieve a lot of things himself."

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Coaching For Kids and Training

our greatest gift to our children

is to be open to a fresh awareness of ‘self’ and the need for a new approach to how we raise our children.

A deeper, more connected, attuned, compassionate and honest connection awaits those who are ready to take that next step.

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Mindful Monkeys Better Together Programme

Delivered over six weeks, our unique programme explores Mindset, Emotions, Mindful Connection, Conscious Communication, Strengths and how to develop a Growth Mindset. This programme can be delivered through one to one coaching or as a group programme out in the
community or within schools. Contact me now to discuss if I can help you myself or refer you to one of my fully Certified Practitioners.

Become a Certified Better Together Practitioner

Do you want to use your life skills to make a real difference in the lives of families? Would you like to make money doing a job you love supporting children to find their inner resilience? If you’re like me, you know we need a new way to help children grow up in a world that is increasingly difficult to navigate. My ready-made Better Together Framework will help you make a positive impact on the lives of the families you work with from Day One! Pop over to the Training page to find out how to become a Certified Practitioner now.

Kids Coaching


I personally work with children aged 6 upwards to help them move forward so whether your child is a school refuser, a constant worrier, is dealing with big changes or struggling with overwhelming emotions, I will work with you to find a bespoke solution for your family.

Conscious Caring Programme For Parents

Being a parent is a minefield and I know we can often feel so ill equipped and, not only worry about our relationship with our children, but also how we are preparing them for the big bad world. It’s the whole reason why I created this Programme. My new Conscious Caring® Family Wellbeing Programme will help you work that out.

"I would definitely recommend working with Lesley as she is very approachable, non judgemental but honest.

She has a great gift for connecting with children

and for them to open up and feel understood and comfortable.”

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Disclaimer: Lesley Fraser and Mindful Monkeys Certified Practitioners are not medically trained. Emotional coaching should not be a replacement for medical advice. Always seek advice from your GP if you are unsure if emotional coaching is right for you. Please note results are not guaranteed and may vary from client to client. This responsibility lies with the clients to ensure they are medically fit and well with regards to hypnotherapy and coaching therapies. If in doubt, please check with your GP. Full T&Cs and Cancellation rights can be found here.