Proud of my heritage

Hi there,

I’m Lesley

Creator of Mindful Monkeys Ltd.

Proud to be born and raised in Fife, Scotland – a nation known for producing people who are creative and forward thinking, problem solvers.

My background

is in Financial Services, having worked in many roles including Risk, Training and Coaching Senior Management. Even though these jobs allowed me the freedom that a good income affords, something was missing. So, I took the opportunity of redundancy in 2013 and took a leap of faith into a brand new career.

Leaving all that behind,

I embarked on a journey of true self discovery training in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with a real desire to help women who were just like me and ready to make that leap away from the limitations of the life they had been living.   

Little did I know the universe had other plans for me……

I can tell you

that leaving behind the security of a corporate environment having been cocooned there for 30 years certainly allows you to really feel what you are made of underneath all that polished corporate veneer!

This is a picture of the first child I ever I worked with back in 2014.

Little Katie had a fear of the wind that had a massive impact, not only on her own life, but that of her whole family.

Katie had been at a charity event that I had provided a raffle prize for and low and behold little Katie pulled out that prize, a free hypnotherapy session! Having been under the care of NHS Psychology Dept for nearly 2 years her Mum had been at her wits end, so they had nothing to loose and everything to gain by coming along to my log cabin for some sessions.

I remember standing beside her mum after our final session together,

watching her skip down my path without a care in the world. Nothing special there until you consider Katie never used to be able to play outside and, if she did, she had to wear a coat and hat to cover her ears. The difference was truly miraculous!

The rest, shall we say, is history. From that moment, more and more children just kept coming my way.

Personal recommendations between Mums, meant I was able to help children with so many different challenges using, not only my new qualifications, but also all those skills we pick up as we go through life.

My life hasn’t been all plain sailing! Far from it!

I’ve been engaged 3 (yes 3) times!

Been jilted at the altar 4 weeks before I was meant to say ‘I Do’

Been married twice and my second marriage lasted only 18 months which nearly broke me.

Had a brush with cancer twice, including ovarian cancer in 2010 resulting in early menopause.

And have been single mum to my own gorgeous girl for most of her life.

So, How On Earth Am I Qualified To Help You Create A Sense Of Connection, Togetherness, healing and learning within your family?

Because this is also me.

An innocent little five year old girl with no idea how life was going to unfold for her. She was already experiencing bullying for being, cute, gifted, creative and naturally bright. So, she learned early on how to hide her light for fear of being different and also how to conform to she would fit in.

She loved horses and dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer. But she slowly became conditioned to choose a life path that didn’t include any of these.

So you see, I remember and

understand instinctively what it is like to be the child who doesn’t feel ok in their own skin.

And I also understand how easy it is to hide away when the outside world makes you regret shining your light.

Since working with Katie, I realise I have an ability to connect with children immediately when I meet them, and they feel that I really ‘see’ them for their inner beauty and strength. I now know my job is to help them find that for themselves.

And when it comes to the adults?

Well, being a single Mum to a child with non-secure attachment meant that I’ve had to learn through my own research, reading, attending seminars/workshops, scouring webinars and absorbing all that I could, how best to deal with my own family situation. I’ve translated all that information into learning how to heal both myself and my daughter at the same time.  I know and understand what it feels like to want the best for your child and also realise you have your own work to do.

I strongly believe

That the greatest gift you can give your children is that of your own healing

Once we are aware of our own triggers,

our own back story and how those early memories and life experiences show up for you now as adults, we are in a much stronger position to not only connect with our children but also understand what’s also going on for them inside. When you become a conscious parent, decisions come from that place deep inside of you and all the answers of how to parent your children become so much easier.

From a very fractured, disconnected relationship with my daughter,

I now have a beautiful bond with her that allows me to be the best parent I can be without second guessing myself all the time. But that bond also allows her to grow and develop into the most resilient and capable adult she can be, for herself.

Other things you might not know about me:

I’ve trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and got there the day Michael Jackson died.

I was part of the group who originated Fife ACEs Network and the committee who brought their first Conference to Fife in 2019.

I was part of the team who help screen Resilience – The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope – documentary film throughout Scotland in 2017.

As Director of Mindful Monkeys, I was sponsored by Scottish Government to attend the UNESCO Family & Children’s Research Centre in Galway and present a parallel session about Empathy in Scotland.

I don’t meditate every day.

I’m not vegetarian.

I drink wine…….

I’ve swam with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.

I don’t believe in living your life through your kids.

I have a resting bitch face so don’t take it personally.

I love to collaborate with like-minded souls to make a difference in the lives of others.

I’ve walked on fire several times.

I understand

that parenthood is complicated,

always changing and deeply personal.