Launching November 2021, The Everyday Girls Guide to Living in Truth, Self-Love and Acceptance is here.

I am delighted to be one of the co-authors of this Guide for our Teen Girls created to support their mental and emotional wellbeing as they navigate this important phase of their lives. The aim of this amazing book is to help young girls feel see, heard and understood and the 19 co-authors hope that by sharing some insights and guidance our girls will feel able to accept themselves, just as they are.

My chapter is number 8 and is called ‘The Bridge Between’ and encourages the young reader to consider that she’s changing and moving from being a child into a young adult. This can be such a tumultuous time for both girls and mums! Miscommunication, misunderstood and moody and that’s just the parents 🥴. I’m sharing below the interview I did with the creator of She Speaks Media, Leanne Macdonald, discussing the content of my chapter and what we’ve both learned about parenting young girls. Grab yourself a cuppa and have a wee listen in.


My hope is that both you as the parent and also your girls will gain much out of this guide I wish I had been able to read growing up. I remember feeling lost, confused and developed into a huge people pleaser during those times. Something I’ve had to work on for many years.

I’ve attached a link to preview the book here.