Kids Coaching

Families are now facing

unique challenges

that need new solutions.

As parents, we want the best for our children, however, we’re often unsure of how to build on existing capabilities to help them, and ourselves, navigate through really difficult emotions and behaviours.

So, whether you are looking for guidance for yourself or your child, I can support you together as we uncover the next steps necessary to help you create the right environment for you all to flourish.

Does your child

use their vivid imagination to create the worse case scenario? Is your child highly sensitive and appears to have no ‘off’ switch? Or do they suffer from low self-esteem and feel unable to stretch into their own uniqueness without fear of what others will say?

If any of that sounds familiar, and you are worried about your child read on, as help is at hand.

Does Your Child Suffer from:

All of the above issues and many more,

are not uncommon

in the children that I work with so please don’t despair, there are lots of things we can do to help.


Over the last six years I have been working with many children who are wonderfully creative and bright but who have somehow started worrying about stuff that they shouldn’t even have in their heads.

Helping Children

Children as young as five carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, finding it hard to deal with the level of uncertainty in their lives and feeling the pressure of doing well at school and keeping up with their peers.

How I Help

The following video gives you an essence of what I aim to show your child. I believe in helping our little ones grow and develop into confident, resilient adults who have a great sense of who they are and how they can navigate their way round this crazy, mad but still brilliant world we live in.

I am absolutely passionate

About helping our young, sensitive children learn about their own minds and how to deal with their emotions.

Although all my one to one coaching sessions are unique for each child I will draw upon appropriate content from my flagship Better Together Programme where appropriate. This allows children to learn about how their minds work, how to work with their own internal mind monkey and how they can grow their brain to do hard things. Kids love the science behind how their body, mind and soul work so it’s normally so much fun they allow change to happen with ease.

How does it work?

In my 1:1 work with children

Currently, due to Covid-19, all my coaching sessions are carried out online with both the child and the parent together. We are able to work in a fun and engaging way that keeps your child’s interest and also allows them to learn news ways of thinking and understanding their own monkey minds.

During each session we work together to help your child learn how they are constructing their issues and begin working with them to show them how to let go of the worries and reconnect with their own innate sense of wellbeing that they were born with. I use storytelling, NLP, coaching and, depending on their age, eyes open/closed hypnosis. It’s a whole load of fun and a very enjoyable experience for both the child and the parent. Depending on the specific issues the child is experiencing I will also provide a personalised story via MP3 for them to listen to at night, further reinforcing the healing/therapy they will already have received face to face.


"Our 12 year old son was struggling with control,himself and others, preparing for high school, fairness within the family, and communication. We had worked with Lesley before and had a great outcome. Very approachable and knows how to communicate with children of all ages. The Coaching package offered was a great fit for our family considering we were just going into lockdown. We couldn't have face to face contact so we used zoom regularly every couple of weeks which gave us enough time to go through the subjects discussed and put into action."

"Working with Lesley has given our son more confidence to be himself and not to worry about how others are.  It’s prepared him for life in High School where he can't always control situations.  The sessions have given us time to reflect on our relationships in the family and we have been able to reconnect and share what things are important to us individually as well as a family. I would definitely recommend working with Lesley as she is very approachable, non judgemental but honest. She has a great gift for connecting with children and for them to open up and feel understood and comfortable."

"We would highly recommend Lesley. She has not only given our son what he needs to work through his struggles but has given us, as a family and parents, the confidence that we are doing well and asking for help is not taboo. Thank you Lesley, I appreciate all the help and support you have given me and my family. Sean is doing well in High School.  He's much more confident and socially confident with his friends.  Long may this continue! A bit of back chat and usual teenage issues but we have, as a family, been able to work through and talk about it with compromise on both parts."

I also offer

Free coaching assessments for parents

to personally speak to me so we can decide if this is the best route for their precious cargo. I’ve attached a direct link to my diary so feel free to set up a call if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Free assessment call for kids aged 7-12

Free assessment call for teenagers

Helping Families

Develop Resilience together

through conscious parenting that enriches the lives of our children.