Conscious Caring

When you become a parent,
you unwittingly join

this previously secret club

that no-one told you about!

Goodness knows there are days when you want your subscription back ‘cause you didn’t sign up for this version of family life and are then riddled with guilt because you even feel like that. You convince yourself it’s fine because some days are actually great, things just seem to fall into place and you again cling onto to the hope that life is going to be ok.

But, more often than not, something happens and the old ways just pop right back in and you find yourself just reacting to situations as opposed to responding in the way you want. Sometimes, it’s not even your own voice that comes out – it’s your own mothers’! You keep thinking you’ll get the hang of it soon then something else comes along to make you question even the most basic of parenting skills and your confidence gets knocked once again. And so the cycle continues……..

If This Sounds Familiar 

and you really want things to be different, fear not, because help is at hand. I’ve been exactly where you are and I am here now to help you regain that confidence and really parent the way YOU want to now and in the future.

My new Conscious Caring® Family Wellbeing programme is developed around understanding how to show up as your authentic self, follow your own intuition and parent from a place of certainty.

This programme puts you back in the driving seat,

gives you breathing space to discover:

The Programme will help you

Find Solutions That Suit Your Family within Everyday Life.

Experienced over a number of online sessions, individual one to one meetings and family round table exercises, the Programme is focused on helping you:

As both parents can do this Programme together, it helps reduce parent blaming, enables co-parenting as a team and allows you both to find the right balance between boundaries and consequences, creating a consistent way to resolve conflict.


"I first contacted Lesley about my daughter’s lack of confidence and her being very withdrawn with tummy aches making her miss school etc. I couldn’t understand what was going on in my (9/10) year olds mind, there was no obvious problem and I had no solution. Mindful Monkeys was perfect, it gave us both quality time to chat even the drive to and from became valuable time together each week. It gave my daughter better ways to express herself and me a better understanding of how her little mind was working, helped me understand myself as a parent much better also, I became more confident in the fact I wasn’t the worst mum for not having all the answers."

"Four years on, we have wobbles every now and then however that relationship of being open about her thoughts and ‘ignoring the monkey brain’ gets us through anything together. I would 100% recommend Lesley, my 2nd child has had behavioural issues and I have coped with these using the lessons learned from Mindful Monkeys."

"The one thing that always sticks in my mind is “why am I reacting the way I am” I now put myself into their head ‘why are they acting the way they are?’’ Am I angry because it’s inconvenient/embarrassing? Or that we decide to have a kickoff when we’re in a rush for example or in public. So now, instead of fretting about being late or what others think, I take the minute or two to calm us both and the situation, talk it out and we have less kick offs with my youngest and less meltdowns with my eldest. The Better Together Programme certainly changed me as a parent which in turn changes the way Alex reacts now as she is older."

The latest attachment theory research shows

how we show up as a parent really matters

and we are fully responsible for the energy we bring to the family home. For many, conscious parenting involves a shift in perspective, a new, deeper, awareness of what they are doing in any given moment and an acknowledgement that we have to be vulnerable in order for our children to grow up safe and secure.

'The parent-child connection is the most powerful mental health intervention known to humanity'

– Bessel Van Der Kolk

I brought this research and the techniques I’ve used working with parents over the last six years, together with my own lived experiences as a mother of a teenager, to create this unique programme. I fully understand your inner desire for things to be different, more aligned with who you are now and I would love to speak with you about how I can support you on your parenting journey.

To help you, and to see if we are a good fit, I offer an initial free coaching call so please click here to make that free appointment today.

Better Together

My signature Programme

Better Together

created as a direct result of my own need as a mother.

Does your young child struggle regulating their emotions?

Or do they feel angry, sad, upset and frustrated rather than happy, carefree and just lost in the wonder of childhood?

Do they fear what may happen when you are not around and find it increasingly difficult to settle at night?

I am sure there are times when you are literally pulling your hair out about how to help them and not sure where to turn. Believe me, I know EXACTLY how you feel!

My signature Better Together programme was created as a direct result of my own need as a mother.

I saw, through my own personal experience, the need for an alternative way to support children who are struggling with their mental and emotional wellbeing. As a result, I combined my own experience with the latest research on brain development and healthy emotional attachment and created a modern solution that offers everyday solutions to families.

For Your Child

This Programme helps children understand their emotions,

increases their confidence and connects them with their own inner resilience as well as empowers their parents to feel more confident in how they handle those, often tricky, situations.

Modern pressures on our children are everywhere, the issues you face are very real, they disrupt family life and can affect you every single day. Ultimately you are looking for some way for your children to know how amazing they are and for you to feel able to help them in your own home. But you are not sure exactly how.

I deliver this coaching Programme online

to both children and parents at the same time, via zoom over six sessions. During this time the children will learn how to:

And for you

Parents will learn:

Alongside the six individual hour-long sessions

you will also receive

You should

Never Dim your light to fit in

And neither should your children