Training for Parents

Are you already beginning to see

your children suffer under the weight of our education system,

increased peer pressure and the inevitable exposure to social media?

Are you worried about how this will affect then long term and are looking for a fresh way to approach your parenting? I know deep inside that you feel you want to parent in a completely different way from how you were parented but you’re unsure exactly where to start?  Well look no further, my Better Together Programme has the structure and support to help answer all your questions and so much more.

I completely understand how you feel, as I have experienced all those concerns and emotions myself. I created the Mindful Monkeys® Better Together approach through my own need as a mother when my own child experienced a huge decline in her own mental and emotional wellbeing in her early teens. It’s not a good place to be when all you want is for your child to BE well and know their worth.

So, I created this

unique training programme, that my daughter helped me to deliver, and she then understood the content through her being part of the solution we were offering to other families, just like us. The results have been magical.

I now want to offer this training directly to other parents who, just like me, know they need to find a new way to connect to their children and support their emotional and mental wellbeing quickly.

Over a period of 6 weeks,

I will take you through all the key stages of the Better Together Programme which is a unique blend of teaching, emotional coaching, NLP and strength-based exercises. You will firstly learn and experience the material for yourself which then allows you to share with your family at your own pace.

In addition to the 6 weekly online training sessions with me

the Programme also includes:

If you have a deep calling

to understand how to create more conscious relationships with your own children,

so that life becomes more connected and less chaotic, then this Better Together Programme Training is for you.

Become a

Mindful Monkeys®
Better Together

Certified Practitioner

Do you have a yearning to work with children and families at a deeper level and make a real difference in their lives?

Perhaps you are already a coach, therapist, social worker or volunteer who knows, at some level, we need a new way to support our children who are increasingly overwhelmed and unsure.

Join the exciting new movement of action takers and become a fully Certified Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Practitioner helping families from Day 1.

You are in the right place

if you agree that the world is different place for our kids. Their generation face new threats and challenges and we need a fresh approach that not only helps them but also equally supports their parents. Through the Programme’s unique blend of emotional coaching, NLP and strength-based exercises we help children find their resilience and families to build stronger bonds.

Personally, I have taken 100s of families

through this Programme and have seen children thrive with increased confidence and self-awareness and a new curious approach to life. By working together with their parents, our Certified Practitioners have the ability to help them transform their understanding of their own child’s internal landscape enabling them to become the calm, connected and confident parents they want to be.

The Programme

gives Parents the structure and guidance

they feel is missing from how they currently handle home life. And it answers a lot of their questions around how to deal with huge emotional outbursts, what to do when their children lack confidence and find it hard to articulate what is really going on inside.

As a fully

Certified Practitioner Better Together Practitioner

you will be given the necessary training to help 100s of families change ancestral patterns by shifting boundaries, changing their reactions to difficulties and learning why empathy & guidance are far more important than control & instruction.

I have done all the hard work for you and created this

powerful Programme filled with simple, every-day tools Encouraging Connections that last a lifetime.

So if you are an existing therapist, coach, holistic therapist or in a position of similar experience this training may help you reach families you previously felt unable to support. Our Better Together Programme can used in both 1:1 sessions and for running small groups.

If you are a parent wishing to deepen your own knowledge of conscious parenting and how to create an calm, connected and deep bond with your children then this training is for you. 


two full days of live training on SATURDAY 24TH APRIL and SATURDAY 15th MAY 2021

– 6 Modules of self directed learning in between those dates.

Full Details are found in: Better Together Training Brochure Spring 2021-2 and FAQs right here.

Click this link to set up a call with Lesley right now to find out more! 

“There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children”

Marianne Williamson

Bring the Mindful Monkeys® Better Together
expertise into your School

Mindful Monkeys®
Better Together Training

For Schools

With children’s mental health so high on your school’s agenda, my Better Together Practitioner Training for Schools allows you to have a member of your own staff trained to become a Certified Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Practitioner and embed the content of this unique Programme into the heart of your school environment. Taking the knowledge gained back into the very setting where it is needed the most, it not only allows you to meet your family inclusion and children’s wellbeing objectives, but also builds on the existing capacity of your staff.

With specific elements

designed to support evaluation for your School Delivery Improvements Plan, your Certified Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Practitioner for Schools, will be able to run Group Programmes aimed specifically at families who you have already identified as requiring an additional level of support.

Delivered to a group of families

(max 8) at one time, the families work together during the sessions and at home to discuss emotions, how their minds actually work, how to deal with failure (fixed/growth mindset), effective communication and how to reconnect and repair after relationships have been ruptured.


when delivered in a school setting

the aims for the outcome of this Programme are that children will have:

The aims for the outcome of this programme

for the parents are that they have:

Enabling your existing staff members

to become Certified Better Together Practitioners

ensures sustainability as the expertise will then remain within Education and can be delivered as many times as you see fit.

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